Revels' Journey into Christian Ministry
Hiram Rhodes Revels was an African American who made history as the first Black person to serve in the United States Senate. However, before he entered politics, Revels felt a deep calling to devote his life to Christian ministry. After attending seminary in Indiana, Revels was ordained as a pastor ...
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Local Causes I Support
As individuals, we all have causes that we are passionate about and wish to support in any way possible. For me, giving back to the local community has always been a priority, and I am proud to have assisted with various causes over the years. From organizations focused on providing assistance to th...
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The Enigma of Brad Deberti
If you've been following the world of Christian ministry or spiritual awakening, you may have come across the name Brad Deberti. But who exactly is this man, and what has he accomplished? In this post, we'll explore the biography of Brad Deberti and take a closer look at his net worth as of 2024. So...
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John Lomacang: Modern Christian Ministry Leader
John Lomacang is regarded as a key influencer in contemporary Christian ministry, thanks to his dedication, passion, and expertise in the field. Born and raised in a family rooted in religious values, Lomacang developed a strong interest in the faith from a young age. Over the years, he has acquired...
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From Music to Ministry: The Journey of Pardue
Texas native Pardue has been dedicated to education and passion since he completed his undergraduate degree in music from Lamar University. Pardue's interests lie in the field of Christian ministry, which led him to pursue a master's degree in the same field from Wayland. Throughout his education, P...
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Advance Conference: Equipping Christian Ministry
Are you looking for an opportunity to enhance your skills in Christian ministry? Then, mark your calendars and join the Oklahoma Baptists for the upcoming Advance Conference on March 4-5 in Oklahoma City. This conference offers valuable insights and resources for all those involved in Christian mini...
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Pastor and Liberty U Grad Found in Online Ministry
The world lost a faith-filled and dedicated member of the Christian community with the passing of a Liberty University graduate who served as a pastor for an online ministry. The man's unwavering commitment to spreading the teachings of Christ touched countless lives and inspired many to grow in the...
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Expanding Gospel Reach to Spanish Speakers
If you're looking for the latest updates and developments in Christian ministry, broadcast ministry and world missions, look no further than PR Newswire's recent article on delivering the Gospel to Spanish speakers. This informative source offers a wealth of information and insights into the world o...
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Ashure Ministry Takes Over ECCCM
The former Eastern Catawba Cooperative Christian Ministry is undergoing a transformation as it becomes Ashure Ministry. In a recent news release, the organization announced its new name and detailed some of the changes that are taking place. Ashure Ministry is focused on providing aid and support to...
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Hall Nears Christian Ministry Certification
Stephanie Hall has spent the past several years studying and preparing for her future career in Christian Ministry. Now, only three weeks away from receiving her undergraduate certification in the field, she is both nervous and excited about what lies ahead. As she reflects on her journey thus far, ...
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