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As Christians, we often hear about the different "ages" of the church, from the early church to the present day. But what do these ages actually mean, and how do they impact our beliefs and practices? In this Bible study, we will explore the different church ages as presented in Scripture, and delve deeper into what they signify for us as followers of Christ. Join us as we journey through history and discover the significance of each age in our spiritual growth and understanding.

There are seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation, with only two receiving no criticism from Jesus.

Exploring the Bible: Age-Appropriate Church Study
In this church ages Bible study, we will delve into the various stages and characteristics of the church throughout history. We will explore how the early church started with a small group of devoted believers, facing persecution and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. The study will then move on to examine the church's growth and influence during the Middle Ages, as well as the challenges it faced. Additionally, we will explore the Reformation period, which marked a significant turning point in the church's history and resulted in the formation of various denominations. By studying these different stages, we will gain a deeper understanding of how the church has evolved and how it continues to affect our faith today.

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