From Music to Ministry: The Journey of Pardue

Texas native Pardue has been dedicated to education and passion since he completed his undergraduate degree in music from Lamar University. Pardue's interests lie in the field of Christian ministry, which led him to pursue a master's degree in the same field from Wayland. Throughout his education, Pardue displayed a great deal of hard work, dedication and commitment to his studies, all of which have enabled him to become a role model for others to follow.

Pardue holds a master's degree in Christian ministry.

From Music to Ministry: The Journey of Pardue
Following his education at Wayland, Pardue went on to further his studies and obtained a doctorate in theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. With his extensive academic background, Pardue is now a respected expert in both music and Christian ministry, often sought after for speaking engagements and lectures. His passion for sharing his knowledge and love for music and ministry shines through in all of his interactions with students and peers alike.

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